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Tips for Moving in the Rain

Posted September 17, 2015 by Evan

Cover important possessions in plastic to prevent them from water damage.

  by Bryan Passanisi, Guest Blogger Even with the best-laid plans, sometimes it’s hard to make moving arrangements without knowing the weather. Since the weather is unpredictable and can change at a moment’s notice, you need to be prepared for anything. If it starts to rain on your moving day, don’t despair. With these moving…

10 Tips for a Smooth Move

Posted September 2, 2015 by Evan

Writing down the items in each box can help make unpacking easier.

  by Bryan Passanisi, Guest Blogger   If you recently packed up and moved your family to a new home or community, you probably realized after the fact that there were countless ideas that could have made your move easier. Likewise, if you’re planning a move, it’s a good idea to gather all the advice…