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Tips & Tricks for Today’s Real Estate Market

Posted March 21, 2012 by Jennifer

Real estate markets continue to show signs of recovery. The average sales price for a home has risen over the last quarter, but it’s still a competitive market. If you are listing your home, here are a few do’s and don’ts to consider:


1. Be flexible. Often it’s the little things that push a buyer into the “yes” zone. If the buyer goes on and on about how much they love your icemaker, throw it in. If the buyer would like to close earlier and your new home is not ready, use a PODS container and store your belongings so you can meet the buyer’s request.

2. Clean up. One person’s baseball card collection is another person’s cluttered nightmare. Declutter your home before you list. PODS containers work well to store personal collections that cause clutter, but also make it hard for a buyer to see the potential in a home.

3. Wash the windows – inside and out.

4. Clean your kitchen and bathrooms – Scrub like crazy, particularly the kitchen and bath(s). The kitchen may be old but it can still sparkle. De-clutter here too, especially countertop appliances, canisters, etc and keep cupboard doors and drawers closed if your hand is not actually in them.


1. Don’t be greedy. The market—not your emotions—dictates your home’s price. If comparables in the area, and several trusted real estate agents tell you your home is worth $400,000, you’re not fooling anyone by pricing it at $500,000.

2. Don’t get personal. If you’re selling your house for a certain amount, and someone offers something much lower, don’t take this as a personal affront and refuse to counteroffer. Letting your emotions get in the way can potentially ruin the deal.

3. Don’t procrastinate. if you’re serious about selling, consider doing it now.

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