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Decluttering Tips from Pinterest!

Posted January 13, 2012 by Jennifer

As you probably already know, Pinterest has so many cool tips and tricks for your home and we can’t get enough of it! So today, we took some interesting approaches to decluttering your home straight from Pinterest for those of you who haven’t yet found some of those hidden gems on the site.

Kitchen tipsFor the Kitchen:

This tip is a great one for the kitchen (and probably other areas of your home too) Pots and pans are obviously very clunky and jamming them into one cabinet isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Solution: Install some drawers in your biggest cabinet and fit twice the amount of pots and pans while keeping everything easy to reach.


For the Garage:

Clutter in your garage, anyone? Cleaning the garage is probably one of the most daunting tasks around. Adding extra storage space to the ceiling is a great way to not only organize your garage, but also to make sure everything is out of sight.

Office For the Office:

Or better yet, here’s a great place to store everything for the office you may not have. Using a chest for important papers, a bulletin board, and office supplies. When you close it, stack some pillows on top and it’ll look like just an average bench. No one has to know your organization secrets!

If you like tips and tricks like these, check out our Pinterest page and we’ll keep them coming!

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